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It was soon gratified; for, through a pair of folding doors, bantu migration lesson plan opened not far from the platform on which she stood, she was ushered into a large low apartment hung with arras; at the upper end of which, under a species of canopy, was seated the ancient Lady of Baldringham. Fourscore years had not quenched the brightness of her eyes, or bent an inch of her stately height; her gray hair was still so profuse as to form a tier, combined as it was with a chaplet of ivy leaves; her long dark-coloured gown fell in ample folds, and the broidered girdle, which gathered it around her, was fastened by a buckle of gold, studded with precious stones, which were worth an Earls ransom; her features, which had once been beautiful, or rather majestic, bore still, though faded bantu migration lesson plan wrinkled, an air of melancholy and stern grandeur, that assorted well with her garb and deportment. She had a staff of ebony in her hand; at her feet rested a large aged wolf-dog, who pricked his ears and bristled up his neck, as the step of a stranger, a sound so seldom heard in those halls, approached the chair in which his aged mistress sat motionless. Peace, Thryme, said the venerable dame; and thou, daughter of the house of Baldringham, approach, and fear not their ancient servant. The hound sunk down to his couchant posture when she spoke, and, excepting the red glare of his bantu migration lesson plan, might have seemed a hieroglyphical emblem, lying at the feet of some bantu migration lesson plan priestess of Woden or Freya; so strongly did the appearance of Ermengarde, with her rod and her chaplet, correspond with the ideas of the days of Paganism. Yet he who had thus deemed of her would have done therein much injustice to a venerable Christian matron, who had given many a hide of land to holy church, in honour of God and Saint Dunstan.
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